Why “Star Talk” is so Important

Neil deGrasse Tyson has represented the more approachable mainstream discourse in astrophysics and cosmological philosophy for quite some time, establishing himself as a well trusted figurehead of these two disciplines. Involved in the fields for more than thirty years, he gained significant fame from a number of television shows and podcasts, and saw an increased following after his 2014 adaptation of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. Also an activist for social justice and race equality, Tyson is best known for his accessible interpretations and his ability to spark wonder about some of the more esoteric and thus forgotten realms of science. Examples include stellar evolution and the interconnectivity of humans with their universe. His 2012 youtube webisode show secured him a spot on National Geographic that will open late-night ears to his insight and change the way crucial scientific theories are received.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s personality alone attracts and inspires those who may not consider themselves well versed in the fields of science. His personal version of spirituality rings familiar as one that many can identify with: “For me, when I say spiritual, I’m referring to a feeling you would have that connects you to the universe in a way that it may defy vocabulary…the moment you learn something that touches an emotion rather than just something intellectual, I would call that a spiritual encounter with the universe.” His powerful belief in the interconnectivity of humanity with the universe sees beyond the temporal and transcends preconceived and existing notions of self and separation. This helps to progressively dissolve practical constructs like race and the social hierarchy while bringing people together under much grander philosophical discourse. Put simply, he brings people together with a fascination that never seemed so easy to possess.

There are few hosts as enthusiastic and entirely dedicated to his practice as Neil deGrasse Tyson is to the revisualization of the universe and all its mysteries. His show will discuss topics relevant to today’s concerns like space travel, extraterrestrial life, and the enigma of black holes. He reimagines, rephrases, and dissects the greatest wonders in topics that on first glance seem exclusive. But Tyson is nothing but excited to reach the masses on a series of questions he knows will incite inspiring debates and conversations that were never before so commonplace. “Star Talk”, which will invite everyone from erudite scholars to adored pop culture icons, will be the perfect merger of inaccessible scientific theories and casual late-night entertainment. It will give a relaxed approach to a number of puzzling mysteries, and will feature many celebrities giving their own perspectives on the issues.


from Ivana De Domenico Research http://ift.tt/1IkO1DQ


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