100 New Species Discovered Near in the Phillippines

Each year, scientists discover thousands of new species: 15,000 (an average of 40 per day) by some estimates. However a recent ocean adventure in Philippine waters yielded a potential discovery of 100 species in a single day. During a marine expedition this spring, a zoologist and his crew stumbled across a trove of sea slugs covering a section of the sea floor. The discovery– a clear opportunity for scientific discovery– was described as an “easter egg hunt”.
Check out the discovery in greater detail at Science.

from Ivana De Domenico Research http://ift.tt/1IzAwiA


2 thoughts on “100 New Species Discovered Near in the Phillippines

  1. That reminds me about a recent article about scientists mapping 5,000 new ocean viruses:

    Even more surprising was a recent discovery involving vessels connecting the brain with the lymphatic system. New structures discovered in the human body. You’d think the ancient anatomists had long ago found everything there was to find!

    This old world still has plenty of secrets yet to discover!

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