Why Travel is the Best Education

For those looking for an education that will last a lifetime – travel might be a perfect choice. Traveling exposes one to new people, cultures, and ideas that can’t be found anywhere else. It is also an excellent way to explore your own beliefs about life. But what are some of the other benefits of traveling? Keep reading this blog post for four reasons why travel is the best education!

Travelling Broadens Your Horizon

One of the best things about traveling is the opportunity to see how others live worldwide. You get to experience their daily rituals, traditions, and customs firsthand! By mingling with other people, you will be able to broaden your outlook on life. So, if you feel stuck in a rut back home, getting out of your comfort zone and traveling will be the best way to get a fresh perspective.

You Learn More About Nature

Another fantastic side effect of traveling is that it makes a person appreciate how beautiful our planet is. For those that have never experienced life outside their comfort zone, then travel will allow one to start enjoying all of nature’s gifts. They can check out different landscapes, cultures, and societies by exploring your country or the world. So, if you are living in a concrete jungle, then travel will help you connect with nature once again.

Travel Teaches You to be Flexible

Sometimes things don’t always go as planned while traveling. You might have to stay in a place that isn’t exactly your taste or enjoy something out of the ordinary for you. For example, you might have to eat some unfamiliar food. If you like to plan their travel itinerary down to the last detail, then being flexible will help you adapt faster to new situations at hand.

You Can Relive Your Past

If there was one thing that I’ve learned after meeting people from different countries, everyone has a story to tell. Travelling allows you to share your past with others and experience new cultures firsthand! There are so many exciting stories out there just waiting to be told. Therefore, travel will help you find the silver lining in every situation.


Traveling is one of the best ways to broaden your horizons. If you’re hoping for a significant change of pace, consider getting out and exploring the world. It will give you a fresh perspective on everything in life!

Article originally published on IvanaDeDomenico.net


Unique Christmas Foods Around the World

As much of the world prepares for the Christmas holiday, skilled cooks’ international, creative dishes will be front and center. These foods will range from the traditional to the new to the adapted versions merging the old with the new. The festive season promises to be a palate paradise. To this end, let’s take a culinary adventure around the globe to get a sneak peek at what our international neighbors will be enjoying this holiday season.


Traditional Norway Christmas cuisine includes Smalahove, which is a steamed sheep’s head. It is often served with potatoes, sausage, and rutabagas. Lutefisk, or dried cod, is also popular during this time of year. It is marinated in a lye solution, baked, and topped with salt, pepper, and butter.

Southern Italy

Food from the sea can describe Italy’s festive Christmas meal. Inspired by the biblical number 7, The Feast of Seven Fishes consists of seven different kinds of seafood. More popular options include baked and salted cod, octopus salad, fried calamari, and linguine with clam sauce.


Veering from the standard selection of different meats, the Polish have taken a different direction and gone meatless. Instead, they opt for a Wiglia, which consists of 12 dishes to be eaten after the first star emerges. Inspired by the 12 apostles, this vegan delight offers the familiar and the lesser-known: carp, red borscht, herring, cabbage rolls, and kutia, among other delectables.


Who knew that an American global fast-food chain would provide the Japanese people with a meal so popular that it has to be ordered in advance? An experiment with a Christmas “party barrel” to imitate the American turkey holiday dinner was wildly successful and is now a Japanese tradition. KFC is Japan’s “turkey” equivalent to that of the American’s.


No one says that Christmas dinner has to be cooked. The Greenlanders enjoy dishes that forgo the hot stove. One of their beloved dishes is mattak, or whale blubber encased in its own skin.


Hot tamales take on a new meaning when it comes to the very popular food item during Christmas. Tamales are a form of personal meat, and vegetable pies wrapped securely in plantain leaves, tied, and boiled to perfection. The result is a colorful, breaded casing with savory fillings for family and friends to enjoy.

New Zealand

Christmas comes to New Zealand during the summer months, so some of their cooking is done outdoors. Family and friends gather for a large barbecue, or barbie, to enjoy those delectable barbecue flavors atop meat, fresh seafood, and seasonal veggies.


The African influence of Martinique’s cuisine is visible in its choices of holiday delights such as yams, small meat pies known as pâtés salés, pork stew, and boudin créole. After the feast, dinner guests participate in an event known as Chanté Nwel, where their merriment spills over into the night by singing beautiful Christmas songs. 

Article originally published on IvanaDeDomenico.net