The Strangest Travel Tips People Swear By

Traveling is loads of fun, but things go wrong constantly when we travel. Whether you’re just starting your travel journey or you’ve been an avid traveler for years, there are bound to be travel tips you’ve never thought of before. Some of these tips might seem incredibly strange at first glance, but they can work wonders when it comes to improving a trip that might seem otherwise ruined. Here are some of the strangest travel tips I’ve ever heard.

Order Groceries Online

We usually make a mad dash to the grocery store after we arrive at our destination. Since we are usually jet-lagged, this is the last thing we want to do. This is why I highly recommend finding a grocery chain that offers curbside service and ordering food online. Essential items such as milk, bread, and coffee will help you get through the first day. While traveling should be easy, you’re almost guaranteed to be exhausted on the first day so try a grocery delivery service to make things a little easier on yourself.

Open A New Credit Card For Your Trip

A friend of mine lost his credit card on the first day of his trip to Madrid. It was his main card, and it had all of his automatic payments on it. A great idea is to open up a new credit card that you use specifically for this trip. Having a new travel card eliminates the issue of having to transfer card numbers if you were to lose your main one. It also allows you to take advantage of special introductory offers that could end up making your trip a little cheaper.

Bring A Collapsible Water Bottle

Although there are a lot of really great re-useable water bottles you can get, most of them aren’t very mobile. One of the most convenient water containers that you can bring with you is the Hydaway, which can be easily stored inside your backpack or purse. Its design allows you to collapse it and then quickly fill it up again, which is very useful at airport security and when you’re generally exploring your vacation destination. 

Pick A Scent To Remember Your Trip By

If you’re planning on taking a trip, one of the best ways to remember it is by getting yourself a candle or room spray from your destination. After you’ve returned home, take a sniff at the scent and see if it reminds you of your trip. This has worked wonders for me, and while these things don’t last forever, it’s a new and unique way of remembering past vacations you’ve taken.

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Common Travel Scams

We’ve all heard the bad news reports about people being robbed, murdered, or kidnapped abroad. That’s why it’s so important to know the common travel scams and how to avoid them! We’ll tell you what they are and how they work so you can stay safe while traveling. Knowledge is power, after all!

Water And Sodas

When you’re out at a restaurant, a server may approach you to tell you that they will save you from paying for your drink by putting it on their tab. They’ll then ask for your credit card number. After all, they’re saving you money and time! But what they’re actually doing is getting your number for future use. After you leave the restaurant, they may run a large sum of money – usually thousands of dollars – on your card.

Never give your credit card number to someone who offers you a service. Always pay directly. Most restaurants have a sign that prohibits this sort of thing.

Car Rental

When you’re at the airport, someone may approach you and say they own a car rental company. They may tell you that they can find you the cheapest car rate in town — all with just one little condition: You must give them your credit card number. They’ll pause, smile, and look at you before scribbling it down.

Don’t hand over your credit card number. If you’re not sure if the person is legitimate, walk away. Also, make sure that your card has enough money to pay for a car rental before heading to the airport.


While you’re at a tourist destination, someone may approach you and say they’re an official guide. They’ll likely say that the hotel you’re staying at is closed or that the attraction you want to visit doesn’t exist. They’ll then take your money in exchange for a tour of a counterfeit version of the attraction. The tour will be very expensive — as in hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Traveling through an official tour company is always a good idea. When signing up for a tour, ensure you’re getting the services you paid for.

Taxi And Cab Routes

While waiting at a taxi stand or hotel lobby, you may see several taxis pull up next to you. Suddenly, several people may jump out of the vehicles and surround you. They’ll say that they’re hotel employees, just trying to help you get a better taxi deal. They’ll take you to their operator (who happens to be a friend of theirs), who will offer you several options — usually involving the whole group going together in one car. Paying with cash is out of the question.

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Always take cabs and book transportation through your hotel reception.

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